Zavier Xu

I am Zavier

An IT student,
Crazy about GUNDAM and STARWARS,
Web developer,

This is my life ....
Gundam, Star Wars, and cats

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About Me

My name is Mingchao Xu (徐茗超). Born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, I finished my bachelor degree in my hometown as a graduate of Textile Engineering. After that, I went to Australia for my master degree of Information Technology. 

I have graduated at the end of 2020 and now I am working in Zinger Technology, an industrial accelerator company in Brisbane. I am willing to try something new even if I do not know how will things go. In fact, I usually grow my interest during the process of going deep in a specific field, and this characteristic makes me seldom feel bored. 

In my daily, I am a big fan of Gundam. As you can see some Gundam elements on this website. Influenced by my dad, I began to watch Hollywood movies at a very young age, and the Star Wars series impress me the most. Once I have dreamed of making a Gundam movie through the special effect used in Star Wars. However, now I am an IT guy. But whatever, my life never got boring. 

It is not easy to end these words. So, looking forward to receiving any message from you, looking forward to making friends with you;)


Qubit Rental

I made this website for Qubit Rental, a car rental business in Brisbane. This site provides the online reservation functions for the customers and also the business staff can manage their vehicle through a specific car rental management syetem.

Zinger Technology

I am currently working in Zinger Technology as an IT support. One of my daily job is to develp the desired functions for the company's site and the maintainence of that.

Ambulance Service Performance Evaluation

This is my thesis project. This project focuses on analysing massive ambulance dispatching records in QLD between 2015 and 2018. The goal of this project is to visualize the service coverage of the current ambulance stations and the potential improvement about station deployment strategies.

My First Portfolio

This is my first portfolio. This is the summarize of one of my master course, including the personal introduction at that time, course project introduction, and the thoughts about the design theories I learned in this course.

This is just for fun:)

I made this picture in 2016, at that time I was crazy about League of Legend. Combining one of my Gundam model and the conceptual design of Project Yasuo, I created this Photoshop work.

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